Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meeting 02/13/09

Hey everyone,

here's an overview of what went on at last week's meeting:

1. Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society
who: Tri M + chaperones for every 10 people who show up
drumline will be performing in the morning, and choir will sing at night
where: Alhambra Park
when: May 16th to 17th, 24 hours, from 9:00 AM to 9:00 AM
* there will be day shifts and night shifts more information to be posted
what: relay for life; Tri M needs a canopy and members: please start collecting donations from family or friends when you receive the donation packet (which will be next week) or please provide ideas for fundraisers
*please refer to the American Cancer Society post below AND watch the video for further information

2. If any members are interested:
- song contest for Music in Our School Month- deadline is March 14th
* you must compose a song
-applications for the All American Marching Band are due on April 15th

**And please do not forget to check the blog at least twice a week or every Thursday, before the meeting day. Thank you!

Lauren Quon, secretary

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