Thursday, October 30, 2008

Food Fair

Hey Music Masters,

Although we didnt do that well at food fair, it's okay. But I would like to Thank the following for helping out with preparing the food and what not.
Thank you too, Betty Lew, John Chang, Nick Tran, Tiffany Quach and finally a very special Thank you too Lauren Quon
Since I wont have time to go online tomorrow

-Albert Lu

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Important Reminders-

To ALL members:

-We will be taking attendance at all meetings. If you are MIA for three meetings, you will have to pay $7 club dues. If you do not have any money, then come to the meetings! Meetings are EVERY TUESDAY AT 3:40 PM IN THE CANTEEN. Please do your best to be on time.
If you have time conflicts with other clubs, then see one of the staff members so we could work out something. If there's an emergency on a meeting day, please inform one of the staff members, and you will be excused.

-If you have any suggestions regarding sweatshirts, fundraisers, concerts, etc. feel free to voice your opinion at the meetings; we won't bite. You may also leave comments on the blog...we will do our best to check them and reply. You can also email us at if you have any questions- but please don't send us chain mail.

-BIRTHDAYS!! Tri M staff members would like to know members' birthdays so we could wish them a 'Happy Birthday!' and give them a big Tri M group hug (if you want us to)! So please let us know at the next meeting.

-Lastly, please remember to check this blog every so often- at least once a week so you will be informed of upcoming events, fundraisers, important reminders, etc. We will do our best to post everything up.

*Thank you to members who worked at Food Fair! =)



Would it be possible for anyone to bring soy sauce tomorrow???!!!!!!!!
or at least go buy it? and we can pay you back.

Also, for people that are working that got excused
Tiffany Quach (1st lunch) John Chang and Sandy On (2nd lunch)
Ill give you your food fair lunch badges tomorrow if there are any....
okay.....? good haha.....

tell all your friends to buy sushi!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Meeting 10/28/08

-Food Fair: we will be selling sushi for food fair. Please support your club! =]

-Tri M Sweaters: Please submit your designs to Albert by the next meeting. We need sweaters during the winter and to show that there's a music club on campus! *colors: dark gray, maroon

-Christmas Caroling: we will go Christmas caroling in December at an elderly home. Any suggestions on what to sing or play? so far, we will be performing "Silent Night"

*Congrats to new art chair Christine and new treasurer Keene!

**ATTENTION: From now on, ALL TRI M MEETINGS WILL BE ON TUESDAYS AT 3:40PM until posted otherwise


*Those who do not attend three meetings will have to pay $7 club dues.

Welcome to Tri M's blog!

Welcome Tri M members to Tri M's new blog! We will update this blog every so often after every meeting, so if you missed anything, you will be informed. Thanks!