Sunday, November 30, 2008

Meeting Days Change

Hello everyone,
hoped you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Meeting will now be held on Fridays (I hope that's good for everyone) at the canteen as always, at 3:10pm Officers are to show up at 3:00pm so we may do an over view of what we will be talking about during the meeting.

Lanyards will now be navy blue (because they dont have maroon) and will cost everyone about $2 or less (*gasp*) white font saying "Tri - M Music Honor Society" (unless someone has another idea of what else to put on it)
Sweaters/ Jackets (what ever you guys would like to call it) the zip ups will cost around $20 most likely no more than $25 check back for the exact price, please check back for prices so we don't have to wait yet another week without our Sweaters/ Jackets. So everyone can pay by the next meeting.

I just recently spoke with the President of Gabrielino's Tri - M, a possible date for the social with them will be on Dec. 14 and Dec. 21, details on that will be announced and posted on the site.

Thank you for checking the site =]
spread the word
-Albert Lu

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Birthday Mary Zhang!!!!!

-Albert Lu on behalf of all Music Masters at Alhambra High

Happy Birthday Albert Lu!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


there is no such thing as maroon for lanyards
here are all the choices we have:
-Royal Blue
-Navy Blue

plz tell me what color you think is the best asap, most likely the words will be white.
its gonna cost about $2 ea.

-Albert Lu
Vice President

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

meeting 11/25/08

Derek(?), Danny(?), Alvina, Nick, Albert, Sergio, Dennis, Tiffany, Jenny, Keene, Betty, Jamie, Mary, Corrie, Samantha, James, Denny

- took a headcount of how many people want sweaters (14 sweaters, 3 maybes)
- decided on maroon lanyards
- tentative Christmas caroling at Atherton, TBA
- think of games for our social with Gabrielino's Tri-M

If you're wondering about the sweater design, it is described in the previous meeting post (11/18/08). They are just about finalized so make sure you order one if you want one.

The annual winter concert is coming up, so come support your fellow musicians!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Meeting Tomorrow Rain or Shine (I'm sorry) haha....
same place, starting at 3:25. I'll stay as late as I can so that people who show up later can get the info about whats going on. Be sure to tell everyone, especially the people who specifically asked us to make phone calls (John Chang and I, Albert Lu, dont have time to make phone calls)

We will be talking about the finalization of the Sweater design, and lanyard color and what should be on it. Also for people who arent in orchestra/ band/ choir should be going to the winter concert to support fellow musicians

Thank you for checking the blogs =]
-Albert Lu
Vice President

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meeting 11/18/08

We have decided to get black sweaters with the three M logo on the back and the diamond Tri-M symbol on the left chest with your name underneath.

A social with Gabrielino High School's Tri-M is TBA.

That is all!

Next meeting will be on 11/25/08 at about 3:30pm.
See you then!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Thank you for those of you who check the forum daily, if you leave comments and you let us know who you are in them, you might even get something special, who knows.... haha....

well an important reminder is the sweater designs!!! if you have a sweater design, please turn them in to either John Chang or I, Albert Lu by this Friday. It must be on white computer paper. If nobody turns one in, i guess were going to go with my design which is basically the 3 M's (look at the blogs banner on top) in the back, and the Tri - M senior chapter emblem on the chest on the left and ur name. the only thing u guys would have a say in would be the color of the sweater. (it would be nice if it were a color we could wear in concert attire, black and white.) the club color is maroon

also, tell people about the blog site, remind people to go on the blog site. if you have questions, suggestions, comments feel free to email our president John Chang at or you can email me with my personal email
you may leave comments in the blog, even if its just a video of a music performance you want others to listen too or discuss (ex. DCI, orchestra, concert bands, jazz/ swing music)

Next meeting will be Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Thank you
-Albert Lu
Vice President

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meeting Moved

Hey guys,

Because of today's incident with the lockdown and all, the meeting was cancelled. Since, we have a day off next Tuesday (November 11; Veteran's Day), we'll be having a meeting Monday, November 10 to discuss the things outlined in the last post.

*Oh, and Happy early birthday to Sandy On!


Monday, November 3, 2008


Tomorrow is Tuesday and you all know what that means.... MEETING DAY!!!! at 3:40. Dont forget.
Some quick reminders, if you have some sweater designs please bring them tomorrow. We will also be voting on sweater color and what not. haha... election day tomorrow... Also if you have songs you want to suggest to sing at the retirement home please bring it up during the meeting. Any fund raising ideas? Also I might do a count of who wants patches/ pins but I need to find a way where you have to earn it also.

-Albert Lu
Vice president