Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The American Cancer Society

I was just recently at a meeting/ dinner with the American Cancer Society, and I have signed us up as a team for the "Relay for Life" event held at Alhambra Park on May 16-17. They asked me if I can try to get the whole music program involved. Like one thing that they want is that, the first lap which is for survivors of cancer "The Survivors Lap", and they would like our band and or our drumline to lead the way on the first lap, also at night when they do the candle light ceremonial thing for loved ones they asked if our choir can sing while it happens. Can't wait!! this is a big cause and of course our National Honor Society is here to help! =D Music helps in all aspects of life, getting through tough times like cancer, music can cure the mind and the soul (woah Albert, Thats deep, lol) BUT ITS TRUE!!
and we know our own Tri - M advisor attended this last year and the people there still remember Ms. Maloney, for those of you who don't know, Ms. Maloney, our great Tri - M advisor found out last year that she has cancer in her left eye. So our chapter should be involved. =]
Here's a video to understand what we will be doing, I'll have more info at the meeting friday

-Albert Lu
Vice President

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