Monday, December 29, 2008

Congatulations and Good Luck....

To all the Tri - M members who are apart of the Alhambra Unified School District Marching Band at the 120th tournament of the Roses Parade, Jan. 1, 2009

Good Luck at Bandfest too

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Chirstmas!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas,
heres a great Christmas song you guys should listen too

by the way, dont forget about your assignment, brainstorm ideas for MIOSM [Music In Our Schools Month] which is in March. This [2009] years theme "Music! Just Imagine..."
read about it on the MENC site, while your reading up on MIOSM be sure to read about Tri - M as well
here are the links

Tri - M:

-Albert Lu
p.s. stay warm, it's cold outside =] Happy Christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sweaters are in!!!

Those of you who already paid and I see you at All City [Rose Parade] Marching Band, I'll bring it on Friday, the day we go to Disneyland. For everyone else who I wont be seeing, feel free to contact me by phone, aim, facebook, etc... otherwise youll get it on the Monday we get back to school.

Here are the following people who still need to pay,
-Nick Tran [$25]
-Alvina N. [$25]
-Brian Shao [$25]
-Julie N. [$25]
-Aileen Lin [$29]

TURN YOUR MONEY IN!!!! or else you will have to pay an extra $5 in addition too the money you owe for the sweater, The sweaters are already made.

Here are the following people who will get their sweaters Friday at All City Band (day of Disneyland) so keep in mind that youll be getting a sweater that day, so dont wear too much that morning? haha....
-Samantha C.
-Jenny N.
-Dennis W.
-Sergio G.
-Jamie N.
(John Chang and Denny Bui getting it over Christmas)
ACB people, we gonna wear it at Disneyland, the night of the sleepover and New Years[after parade] to rep. Tri - M. cool? alright, cool... haha....

Everyone who has the sweater, wear it on Jan. 9, for our Yearbook pictures.

-Albert Lu
Vice President

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meeting 12/19/08

- SWEATER MONEY IS DUE!!!!! People who did not turn in your sweater money, turn it in now please! $25 for those who helped out at the bake sale, $29 for those who didn't

*concert attire- black and white + Chirstmas stuff (scarf, santa hat)
*12-21-08, meet at the corner of 2nd and Commenwelth at 10:20 AM sharp!
*bring your SMM gifts if you did not have them on Friday

- Music in Our School Month is in March, meaning that Tri M needs to think of ways to promote music/ music education at elementary schools. Albert has already spoken to the music teacher at Northrup, so we may be doing something there (yay Albert!).
*Winter assignment: think of what you want to do to promote music/teach younger children. Please have it be PG. The theme is "Music Just Imagine".

- We are co-hosting Dessert Cabaret with choir, date and time TBA.

- January bake sale date, place and time TBA.

- meeting date and time clarification: meetings are always at 3:15 PM every Friday unless posted otherwise.
*Officers: meet at 3:10 PM for discussion.

Thank you for checking the blog!
-Lauren Quon, secretary

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Tomorrow, we are going caroling at the Convalescent Home on Garfield Ave.
DRESS FORMALLY!!!! BLACK AND WHITE!!!! it can be all black or black and white, NO T-SHIRTS!!!! PREFERABLY NO POLOS!!!!!
wear your santa hats if you have them, what ever christmas stuff you got
meet on 2nd st. around the corner of Commonwealth and 2nd.
meet at 10:20am so we may go over the music and such
please be prompt!!!! and please be serious about this as well

people who owe sweater money!!!!
turn in your money tomorrow!!!!!! if you dont, you will have to pay extra money, John Chang, Lauren Quon and I will discuss how much but expect it to be around $5 fine
once again its $25 for people who helped at bake sale
$29 for everyone else
pay for the sweaters!!!!!!! its really important!!!!

people how need to pay for sweaters....
1. Nick Tran -$25
2. Alvina N. -$25
3.Brian Shao -$25
4.Julie Nguyen -$25
5.Alieen -$29
6.William Chiu - $8

for more info, you may contact me by email, phone, aim, myspace, and facebook
-Albert Lu

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Update!!!

This Friday, we will be singing with the choir at a performance for a faculty breakfast thing. Please meet up at canteen 5 min. before 7:00 am. We'll be singing Christmas music, it'll also help us get ready for our Christmas caroling, which might be on Sunday.
okay to clarify....
what: singing Christmas songs with Choir
where: Choir Room / Mrs. Maloney's room, M-5
time: 5 min. before 7:00 am
date: This Friday, Dec. 19, 2008
what to wear: chrsitmas things, such as santa hats and what not, but also dress a little like concert? i guess? just look nice with christmas things
for more info feel free to contact me through phone, aim, myspace, email

see you all then
-Albert Lu

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEENE LIANG!!! (aka nice girl lol)

reminders for everyone:
- dont forget sweater money due Tomorrow

-Albert Lu

Friday, December 12, 2008


Hey guys, just a few reminders-

-there will be a meeting next Friday. We will be discussing our winter agenda.
-please remember to give your sweater money to John or Albert (sweaters are $29, $25 for people who helped out at the bake sale)
-give your gifts to your secret music master
-and please remember to check the blog at least once or twice a week for updates from us staff members. Thank you to those who do! =)
-lastly, if you guys have any questions, concerns, etc. please feel free to leave comments or email us at (no junk mail, please). We will do our best to get back to you asap. Thanks!

* and "Bravo!" to members who performed at the Winter Concert!

Lauren Quon, secretary

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update on sweaters!!!

Here is pretty much how it looks like. Remember it's a black zip up.
For those of you who in any way helped out with the bake sale the sweaters for you will be $25, for everyone else its $29
please pay me as soon as possible so we may get the sweaters as soon as possible, it's getting cold outside =] lol... and so for the band people in All City we have something to show off to San Gabriel, since they are always showing off their lame SG t-shirts (which they should get sued for) and their sweaters.

the back pretty much looks like this...... (if it's cut off, click on it and you'll see it from my photobucket account, sorry)

The front, on left chest......

okay, please remember to try to pay me as soon as possible, if possible by this Friday, and or Monday, if you don't see me during the day, give it to John Chang (President) or Keene Liang (Treasurer) or even Ms. Maloney (Advisor)
They are going to take about a week to make... so we'll get is sometime during winter break, for those of you that I wont be seeing, I'll contact you somehow for you to get it
Please and Thank You
remember money asap!!!!
-Albert Lu
P.S. - Stay warm =]

Monday, December 8, 2008

Social Postponed

I just recently spoke with the President of Gab's Tri - M and we will be postponing the social to late January or early February. In place we can have our own social, or a little winter get together, where we can meet up, give our smm gifts eat and what not....
I dont know, just know that the social has been postponed, due to senior finals and such at Gab.

-Albert Lu


This Friday December 12, 2008 is the Alhambra High School Winter Concert.
Ms. Maloney (Tri - M advisor) ask for the people who wont be performing in the concert, that you come to the concert and help usher, pass out programs, ticket sales, etc...
For more info feel free to contact me
People who arent performing and are going to usher and what not, you must wear black and white, dress shirt either all black and black dress shirt with slacks or white dress shirt and black slacks.
call time: 6:00pm please be prompt
my aim sn: chinesebandgeek

Thank you
-Albert Lu

Friday, December 5, 2008

Meeting 12/05/08

Attendence: Denny, Christine (excused), Mary, John, Lauren, Corrie, Keene, Dennis, Alvina, Tiffany, Sergio, Albert, Richard, Jenny, Samantha, William, Nick, Shao

Important Dates:
12/12 - Winter Concert, 7pm
12/? - Christmas Caroling
12/21 - Social with Gabrielino (mandatory)
1/9 - Yearbook Pictures

The annual Winter Concert is on December 12 at 7:00pm. Come support if you're not performing!

Christmas Caroling at the local convalescent home on Garfield will probably be during the third week of December, the last week of school before break. Official date and time is TBA. We have decided to sing Deck the Halls, Silent Night, Frosty the Snowman, Joy to the World, and Up On The Housetop. The attire for the event will be black and white, almost concert-like.

A social with Gabrielino's Tri M will be on December 21. This event is MANDATORY, especially because our club looks low in numbers compared to them.

Yearbook pictures will be on January 9th, 2009. That will be a friday, so we can go after our meeting. This is just an early notice.

Sweaters will be in soon. If you have not ordered one and would like to, please contact Albert.

Lanyards are, again, navy blue with white print and will cost $2.

To receive a Tri M membership pin, you must meet the following criteria:
- attend meetings (cannot miss two or three meetings)
- attend events (caroling, bakesale, etc)
Dedicated seniors will receive honor chords.

We have drawn names for SMM (secret music masters!) so have fun in gift giving!