Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't Forget...

There's a meeting this Friday!! =)
so don't forget to:
- tell Albert (thank you Albert! =]) what you'll bring to the potluck social (refer to post below) if you haven't told him beforehand
- provide some ideas for MIOSM (music in our school month)
- check the blog for further updates
- and lastly, any other suggestions are welcome =]
*attendance is crucial! >=0

Lauren Quon, secretary

Inter - club Social

William Chiu and I have planned out an inter-club social. It will be a pot luck social, everyone has to bring something, not just chips and what not -_-
For example I will be trying to bring fried rice. Be sure to bring enough to feed around 15 people.
Location: Almansor Park
Date: Monday, Feb. 9, 2009 [no school that day]
Email me or somehow contact me on what you will be bring, I'll be keeping a list.
Time: 12:00pm - whenever
were going to be playing games too like maybe ultimate Frisbee and yeah.... what ever else people might be bring like a fun board game or something
No non-members!! unless he or she has talked to me or is an honorary member.
once again....
What? Inter-Club Social
Where? Almansor Park
When? Monday, Feb. 9, 2009 @12:00pm
Mandatory? as far as we know yes, mandatory to bring something too, you must contact me and tell me what your bringing

my email is in case there are any questions or to tell me what you will be bringing.
-Albert Lu
vice president

Thursday, January 22, 2009


have a great 3 day weekend and Happy Lunar New Years!!!!

-Albert Lu
vice president

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hello members,
Just reminding you all, John Chang and I would like any ideas for MIOSM by this Friday please.
John Chang and I will be going to Northrup to begin some planning of this event which will be in the month of March of course. Once again the theme is "Music! Just Imagine....."

Hope Everyone is doing well on their finals
i hate them >=[

-Albert Lu
vice president

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday William Chiu!!!

Good Luck on Finals everyone!!!

-Albert Lu
[on behalf of all Tri - M officers]

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Samantha Chieu !!!

Good Luck on Finals everyone!!!

-Albert Lu
vice president
[on behalf of all the Tri - M officers]

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hello everyone

just a reminder we wont be having a meeting this week due to closed week.
remember! just because we dont have a meeting doesnt mean we dont have something to do for Tri - M. Everyone must come up with at least one idea for Music In Our Schools Month for the month of March, the must relate to the theme "Music! Just Imagine..." Ideas are due Jan. 23, 2009. John Chang and I will be going to Northrup Elem. on Jan 26 to plan the event. People who help out with ideas and such, will be the handful of people that would be chosen to attend the event in March at Northrup. I dont mean just like giving us ideas, I mean people who give us ideas and cooperate with the event. [ I hope you all get what I mean, cause I dont want people complaining about not being able to go]

Thank you and Good Luck on Finals
-Albert Lu
Vice President

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Meeting 1/9/09

Attendance: Albert, John, Denny, Alvina, Lauren, Brian, Nick, Sergio, Samantha, Dinh, William J, Mary (Ex), James (Ex), William (Ex), Jamie, Jenny, Tiffany, Keene, Christine, Betty, Aileen, Dennis

-took yearbook pictures before the meeting.

-elected a new fundraiser chair: dennis (your first duty is to book a bakesale)

-MIOSM ideas [Music! Just Imagine]
-on Jan. 26th, John and Albert will be going to Northrup Elementary to possibly:
1) sing with live instruments
2) play in a mini marching band
3) play improv jazz
4) sing disney songs
-possibly also visit Ramona and Garfield Elementary
-would anyone else like to come?
-does anyone have ideas for this theme?

-everyone has paid for their sweaters. good job!

-social with gabrielino's tri-m will be in early February. game ideas?

-Closed week next week (no meeting)
Check the blog to see when our next meeting will be.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Short Edit:

Hey guys,

Just a little miscommunication here; Friday's yearbook picture will be at 3:10 PM between C and D building. Please be there earlier, about 3:00 PM. Wear your Tri-M sweaters, people who haven't paid please pay, and whoever doesn't have sweaters wear a black top so we loooook uniform!


Hello all....

Everything you need to know is pretty much in the blog underneath [Thanks Lauren!!!]
But this Friday's Yearbook pictures are at 3:00pm. Meet up between C and D building.

Also, its really important that everyone come up with at least one idea for what we can do during Music In Our Schools Month. One thing we will be doing is go to Northrup Elem. School, but what can we do there? ideas????? please????????
read more info about MIOSM:

should we apply for Chapter of the year this year?? winning chapter gets summer music scholarship for seniors and other deserving members.

Thank you for checking the blog

New Year Reminder...

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope everybody had a relaxing break. =]

Just a few reminders to get the new year started:
-Remember, there is a meeting this Friday- Jan. 9th
-*EDIT: Jan. 9th is also yearbook picture day, so show your Tri M pride and wear your sweater! =). The Yearbook picture will be held between the C and D buildings. Please be present there at 3:00 PM. Also, for those who ordered sweaters and didn't turn money in, please turn it in this week for the yearbook picture. And to those who didn't order a sweater, please wear black that day for the picture.
-don't forget to pick up your sweater from Albert if you haven't done so. Wear it to the picture! =)
-we will be co-hosting dessert cabaret with choir
-we may be having a bake sale this year to raise some mulah
-ideas for Music in Our School Month? theme: Music Just Imagine

Questions or comments? Feel free to e-mail us at or leave us notes, comments, or questions on the blog. No junk mail, please. Have a healthy and happy new year!

*Congrats to members who performed in the 2009 Rose Parade! you guys were awesome!

Lauren Quon, secretary