Monday, February 2, 2009

Meeting 01/30/09

Hey guys, this is just a recap on what we discussed on Friday's meeting:

-Inter-club potluck social
where: Almansor Park
when: 12 pm to whenever
what: a potluck social, meaning everyone should tell Albert what they will bring. Please bring a main dish or dessert- scroll down and see Albert's previous post for further reference.
why: so everyone can get to know each other
who: tri m club members only

- social with Gabrillino is still in progress, it may be some time in Febuary

- Music in Our School Month: please provide ideas!! we really need your feedback!

- plan bake sale for the upcoming spring season

- we will co-host Dessert Cabaret with choir time and date TBA

- please check the blog every week the day before the meeting so you will be informed of any changes, events, etc.! Thank you to those who do. =)

Lauren Quon, secretary

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