Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update on sweaters!!!

Here is pretty much how it looks like. Remember it's a black zip up.
For those of you who in any way helped out with the bake sale the sweaters for you will be $25, for everyone else its $29
please pay me as soon as possible so we may get the sweaters as soon as possible, it's getting cold outside =] lol... and so for the band people in All City we have something to show off to San Gabriel, since they are always showing off their lame SG t-shirts (which they should get sued for) and their sweaters.

the back pretty much looks like this...... (if it's cut off, click on it and you'll see it from my photobucket account, sorry)

The front, on left chest......

okay, please remember to try to pay me as soon as possible, if possible by this Friday, and or Monday, if you don't see me during the day, give it to John Chang (President) or Keene Liang (Treasurer) or even Ms. Maloney (Advisor)
They are going to take about a week to make... so we'll get is sometime during winter break, for those of you that I wont be seeing, I'll contact you somehow for you to get it
Please and Thank You
remember money asap!!!!
-Albert Lu
P.S. - Stay warm =]

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