Saturday, December 20, 2008


Tomorrow, we are going caroling at the Convalescent Home on Garfield Ave.
DRESS FORMALLY!!!! BLACK AND WHITE!!!! it can be all black or black and white, NO T-SHIRTS!!!! PREFERABLY NO POLOS!!!!!
wear your santa hats if you have them, what ever christmas stuff you got
meet on 2nd st. around the corner of Commonwealth and 2nd.
meet at 10:20am so we may go over the music and such
please be prompt!!!! and please be serious about this as well

people who owe sweater money!!!!
turn in your money tomorrow!!!!!! if you dont, you will have to pay extra money, John Chang, Lauren Quon and I will discuss how much but expect it to be around $5 fine
once again its $25 for people who helped at bake sale
$29 for everyone else
pay for the sweaters!!!!!!! its really important!!!!

people how need to pay for sweaters....
1. Nick Tran -$25
2. Alvina N. -$25
3.Brian Shao -$25
4.Julie Nguyen -$25
5.Alieen -$29
6.William Chiu - $8

for more info, you may contact me by email, phone, aim, myspace, and facebook
-Albert Lu

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