Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sweaters are in!!!

Those of you who already paid and I see you at All City [Rose Parade] Marching Band, I'll bring it on Friday, the day we go to Disneyland. For everyone else who I wont be seeing, feel free to contact me by phone, aim, facebook, etc... otherwise youll get it on the Monday we get back to school.

Here are the following people who still need to pay,
-Nick Tran [$25]
-Alvina N. [$25]
-Brian Shao [$25]
-Julie N. [$25]
-Aileen Lin [$29]

TURN YOUR MONEY IN!!!! or else you will have to pay an extra $5 in addition too the money you owe for the sweater, The sweaters are already made.

Here are the following people who will get their sweaters Friday at All City Band (day of Disneyland) so keep in mind that youll be getting a sweater that day, so dont wear too much that morning? haha....
-Samantha C.
-Jenny N.
-Dennis W.
-Sergio G.
-Jamie N.
(John Chang and Denny Bui getting it over Christmas)
ACB people, we gonna wear it at Disneyland, the night of the sleepover and New Years[after parade] to rep. Tri - M. cool? alright, cool... haha....

Everyone who has the sweater, wear it on Jan. 9, for our Yearbook pictures.

-Albert Lu
Vice President

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