Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meeting 12/19/08

- SWEATER MONEY IS DUE!!!!! People who did not turn in your sweater money, turn it in now please! $25 for those who helped out at the bake sale, $29 for those who didn't

*concert attire- black and white + Chirstmas stuff (scarf, santa hat)
*12-21-08, meet at the corner of 2nd and Commenwelth at 10:20 AM sharp!
*bring your SMM gifts if you did not have them on Friday

- Music in Our School Month is in March, meaning that Tri M needs to think of ways to promote music/ music education at elementary schools. Albert has already spoken to the music teacher at Northrup, so we may be doing something there (yay Albert!).
*Winter assignment: think of what you want to do to promote music/teach younger children. Please have it be PG. The theme is "Music Just Imagine".

- We are co-hosting Dessert Cabaret with choir, date and time TBA.

- January bake sale date, place and time TBA.

- meeting date and time clarification: meetings are always at 3:15 PM every Friday unless posted otherwise.
*Officers: meet at 3:10 PM for discussion.

Thank you for checking the blog!
-Lauren Quon, secretary

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