Sunday, January 11, 2009

Meeting 1/9/09

Attendance: Albert, John, Denny, Alvina, Lauren, Brian, Nick, Sergio, Samantha, Dinh, William J, Mary (Ex), James (Ex), William (Ex), Jamie, Jenny, Tiffany, Keene, Christine, Betty, Aileen, Dennis

-took yearbook pictures before the meeting.

-elected a new fundraiser chair: dennis (your first duty is to book a bakesale)

-MIOSM ideas [Music! Just Imagine]
-on Jan. 26th, John and Albert will be going to Northrup Elementary to possibly:
1) sing with live instruments
2) play in a mini marching band
3) play improv jazz
4) sing disney songs
-possibly also visit Ramona and Garfield Elementary
-would anyone else like to come?
-does anyone have ideas for this theme?

-everyone has paid for their sweaters. good job!

-social with gabrielino's tri-m will be in early February. game ideas?

-Closed week next week (no meeting)
Check the blog to see when our next meeting will be.

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