Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hello everyone

just a reminder we wont be having a meeting this week due to closed week.
remember! just because we dont have a meeting doesnt mean we dont have something to do for Tri - M. Everyone must come up with at least one idea for Music In Our Schools Month for the month of March, the must relate to the theme "Music! Just Imagine..." Ideas are due Jan. 23, 2009. John Chang and I will be going to Northrup Elem. on Jan 26 to plan the event. People who help out with ideas and such, will be the handful of people that would be chosen to attend the event in March at Northrup. I dont mean just like giving us ideas, I mean people who give us ideas and cooperate with the event. [ I hope you all get what I mean, cause I dont want people complaining about not being able to go]

Thank you and Good Luck on Finals
-Albert Lu
Vice President

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