Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meeting Moved

Hey guys,

Because of today's incident with the lockdown and all, the meeting was cancelled. Since, we have a day off next Tuesday (November 11; Veteran's Day), we'll be having a meeting Monday, November 10 to discuss the things outlined in the last post.

*Oh, and Happy early birthday to Sandy On!



Denny said...

wut time is the meeting on monday?

ohh hey sum of the old members are suggesting that u call them soo they noe when are the meetings cuz sum dun even noe theres a blog on here soo yeaa

Albert said...

well denny, John just recently sent out an email too everyone. I dont know about John and Lauren but I really dont have time to make calls to everyone, im sry to even say this but old members wouldnt even show up anyways. majority of them dont, im not gonna waste my time too do so. everyone got an email about the blog now if not everyone looked at the email or the blog, they r just gonna have to hear about it from ppl.

-Albert Lu
Vice President