Tuesday, November 25, 2008

meeting 11/25/08

Derek(?), Danny(?), Alvina, Nick, Albert, Sergio, Dennis, Tiffany, Jenny, Keene, Betty, Jamie, Mary, Corrie, Samantha, James, Denny

- took a headcount of how many people want sweaters (14 sweaters, 3 maybes)
- decided on maroon lanyards
- tentative Christmas caroling at Atherton, TBA
- think of games for our social with Gabrielino's Tri-M

If you're wondering about the sweater design, it is described in the previous meeting post (11/18/08). They are just about finalized so make sure you order one if you want one.

The annual winter concert is coming up, so come support your fellow musicians!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Albert said...

for ppl who looked at the attendence and doesnt see there names on there
dont wry i have kept in mind who showed up whos not mentioned in the blog
dont wry about attendence that much as of now, im paying more attention to seniors becuz we need to see who to give cords too