Sunday, November 30, 2008

Meeting Days Change

Hello everyone,
hoped you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Meeting will now be held on Fridays (I hope that's good for everyone) at the canteen as always, at 3:10pm Officers are to show up at 3:00pm so we may do an over view of what we will be talking about during the meeting.

Lanyards will now be navy blue (because they dont have maroon) and will cost everyone about $2 or less (*gasp*) white font saying "Tri - M Music Honor Society" (unless someone has another idea of what else to put on it)
Sweaters/ Jackets (what ever you guys would like to call it) the zip ups will cost around $20 most likely no more than $25 check back for the exact price, please check back for prices so we don't have to wait yet another week without our Sweaters/ Jackets. So everyone can pay by the next meeting.

I just recently spoke with the President of Gabrielino's Tri - M, a possible date for the social with them will be on Dec. 14 and Dec. 21, details on that will be announced and posted on the site.

Thank you for checking the site =]
spread the word
-Albert Lu

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